Who are you?
I am Rachel Kennedy – graphic designer, mum, wife.. vegetarian, ocean loving introvert.


Where’s your local?

Warriewood, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches – my most treasured place.


What do you love most about your local?

I love being surrounded by water, I love that in such a populated area there are so many pockets of beach and wilderness to explore, I love the golden glow from the afternoon sun, I love that family is only down the road and I love that no one bats an eyelid if you turn up shoe-less.


Where are your favourite places to eat in your local?

My best is The Boathouse, Palm Beach. Rough & Bare is beautiful as well (Mona Vale) DY Hotel does a mean burger (that one’s not for the vegetarian) and Wildwater Grill, they have the most delicious vegetarian platter.


Where are your favourite places for a drink with friends in your local?

Modus Operandi Brewery.. SunK Cocktail Bar is family friendly with outdoor space and big velvet chairs to hang out in.


Okay, so I’m coming to your local …. where should i go …


to get a coffee… I actually don’t drink coffee but I do have to stand in line to order when there’s not a park and then watch the face of disgust if it’s not up to standard so I do know you get the best from Little Box Coffee (Newport) or Coffee Brothers (Mona Vale)


 to get creative … There are Little Lane Workshops for a little creative outlet, otherwise a stroll through the boutiques in Mona Vale and Avalon should get the creative juices flowing.


with the family… Warriewood wetlands is a beautiful little adventure that ends with the perfect picnic spot under a waterfall, Narrabeen Lagoon is really fun in the warmer months and the dunes are perfect for rolling down all year long.


to get inspired… Catch the sunrise from Turimetta Beach or walk up to Palm Beach Lighthouse.


for fun….  Rent a SUP or Kayak on Narrabeen Lake or picnic at Claireville and hang around to watch the golden hues of the sunset


Share a local secret / hidden spot with us … We love the little walk through Warriewood Wetlands that opens up to a beautiful waterfall.


Tell us about your career…

I had been working as a graphic designer for a little while and even though I loved it, there were definitely limitations following someone else’s creative vision so I started to explore my own ideas. We were expecting our first daughter and Jarrod was keen to be involved in the business side so we decided it was the right time to see where it could take us. We have gradually added to what we offer and the plan is to just keep doing what we’re doing.


What advice do you have for women who want it all?
For us, having kids wasn’t adjacent to the dream they were apart of it. I am an absolute advocate of having a career and raising kids hand in hand. It’s hard work for sure but they can really compliment each other. My advice would be, learn how to read the needs of your family and your career and know that what works for you as a good, healthy balance won’t necessary be what works for someone else.. and that’s ok. As mums we’re pretty hard on ourselves and are quick to doubt our decisions but know that life often comes in seasons and more often than not, everything works out.